If an interested client, customer visits your career page, then congratulation. Because this client/customer might be interested in your career as well as your company brand/business.

What is Career in online websites?

A career page in any online selling and buying website. Is the page where you can showcase your brand/business, highlight your employer company, and display your openings. Also, you disclose the question that is always asked that why does your company/brand exist? Why does a candidate want to work for you?  What are your current employees saying?

The career that starts on our website has a way of becoming lifelong journeys. We are provided you with unlimited opportunities. Master new skills, have a new direction, and take your career to the next higher level. We feel that people do their best when they feel their best, and in order to feel their best.

What provided in their Career?

Lbsp provided you the followings to get the right opportunities:

Work from anywhere you want:

Lbsp gives you the opportunities to work from your comfort zone.  You can work from your home and your net café. Say goodbye to those days, when you get up especially for the office, and go to the office to do your duties and responsibility there. Now say hello to new era opportunities where you don’t need to go outside and spend 9 to 5 timing duties. You can work any time at any place in your comfort zone.

Earn a handsome amount of money

By displaying your company brand/business, and content you can earn a handsome amount of money by selling your company product or item and enhance your business.

Lower setup and running cost than an offline business

The business set up in an online website must be at low costs than the offline business. You simply log in to the website, post free/premium ads there, and boost up your sales and enhance your business.


The online business is effective allowing you to determine which product is selling successfully, to ensure the stock levels of these products increased. Additionally, how these successful products can be diversified to develop a large range of products to sell through the website. This allows you to boost up your business in terms of sales, customer base, and profit.

So, start your Career today through classified, the largest buying selling Pakistan website.