Frequently Asked Questions

Lbsp is the largest buying and selling Pakistan website and it’s the online marketplace in Pakistan for local buying, selling, exchanging products, and use for communication with other users.

Yes’sit is 100% free!

Yes’s this is a secured website and client entire information is secured through our privacy policy.

No,you can simply browse the site and post items there. But if you want to register it is a very simple process in just two or more steps: You just click on the register button and for registration, you have to provide basic information like email to access you and then you register for the Lbsp website. It’s a free registration process.

Yes,this is a trusty website and we secure our client information and provided verified transactions to our verified customers.

The item is listed on the website home page and if you don’t find an item of your interest, simply click on the search bar and describe few words here and pressenter. Also, the on-website page you see the option of categories and subcategories to find an item you are interested in just click on the it title.

If you don’t have on the account then choose a category, and you are ready to post. You also register for an account with basic information and when your registration process complete then you post on the website. Posting is free. 

The post will remain a long time and after 180 days of posting. Your post will expire. You can re-post it again.

Once you open the ad, after it, you go to share and share on social media and among others. 

You can place your order in the buy and sell menu. For this, you have to register you and after account verification the buy-sell option is available.

No, the Lbsp site is semi-automated. Once your order is placed. You will get the system generated order number and information to your registered email address and due to some critical issue order will be manual.

After the process of registration, you have the complete view of your buy/ sell order history on user – dashboard page.

Yes,services are secure and legal. Both the bank and payment processes are registered legally.

There is no limit of ads posted by a user, but be sure that you own this content and don’t post duplicate content.

The premium ads are paid ads it helps you to in that sense that your ad will be more visible, more attracted to buyers, and chances to sell faster.

Yes,you can change your registration details like your e-mail address password and phone number just by going to settings.

When you see seller ad than afterward the ad has a contact option like e-mail address, enter your e-mail address, and further information than press the button send. In this way, you can contact a seller.

There are the following itemsprohibited on the website:

·        Alcoholic Beverages.

·        Counterfeit Currency,Stamps, or Coins

·        Illegal Drugs

·        Hazardous Material

·        All Type ofOffensive Material

·        Pesticides

·        Stolen Property

·        Used Cosmetics

·        Pictures orMaterials That Contain Frontal Nudity

·        Police or OtherSecurity Forces Badges and Uniform

·        ExpireProducts/ Appliances

·        TobaccoProducts

·        Weapons(Bullets, Guns, Knives, Etc.)

·        Government andTransit Uniforms, ID’s, and Licenses.

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